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Facebook is the largest social network in the world, every day there are so many images to share via Facebook, we also understand the difficulties when you want to increase likes on images or posts. We provide service “Buy Facebook Photo likes” to help you do it easier. Obviously, visitors will pay more attention to the images that have more likes, and the images that have more likes will become more popular.

Whether you need likes to win a contest, need positive feedback in your profile or even to build the credibility of your company or your brand. This service will help you save alot of time.



Can you get me targeted fans from certain countries?

No, we’ll promote your fans to a general audience, If you’re looking for fans from a specific state or city, please head to FACEBOOK ADS website to get targeted fans.

There are all real active followers and likes ?

Honestly, No ! Anyone who say can offer real active followers is not really true. Nobody can control viewer actions, so to get the likes and followers to your Fanpage supliers using real looking accounts. Real looking accounts created and using by real active people, they maybe do not interact on your new posts. But they will help you make your Fanpage and posts GREAT with likes and followers are increasing, Your REAL customers feeling good and incite they like and follow your page.

Why haven’t I seen any additional likes yet?

Please give us at least 24 hours to kick off your campaign. Most orders are started in less than 12 hours, but your campaign may require special setup or extra work. If you feel it’s been too long and you’re getting impatient with us, shoot us an email and we’ll respond quickly. We’ll take great care of you and will work as quickly as possible to get your order moving.

Could you add the likes for personal profile picture?

Yes, To get likes for the personal profile picture, You’ll have to enable the “Follow” button on your Facebook profile.

Is it money back guarantee?

Yes, it is. You can ask for refund if you don’t like our work any more, depend on how your order is processed we will make partial or full refund.

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